The big table…

So I managed to get some more work done on my tables for dystopian wars this week. Without any envirotex handy, I went to work on the large 4 by 6 section. I covered the whole table in 3 layers of the blue I did up for my test section. With it being so nice and warm out, the table dried really quick between layers, allowing me to get the base layer down pretty fast. Then I moved onto the green layer. Thus time I watched where I was dabbing the paint near the edges as it catches there pretty easy. I did a heavier layer of the green to hopefully give the larger board move variation in the end. For the light blue waves I used the round sponge. I found if I scrunched it up in my hands it ended with a more straight edge which I liked for the wave effect. All in all the table went from start to finish really fast for the paint job. I’m still not a super fan of the extra paint on the edges so I might get some edging strips to put on after the envirotex layer. Off I go to grab some envirotex from micheals crafts for the next table update!

The cat is not too pleased….

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