Table done!

Well there it is. A finished table. Finally got around to picking up all the envirotex I needed for the table the other day. For a 4 by 6 you need to grab one of the big battles in addition to the small one. One large one just won’t cut it. Mixed it all up in a container and added the blue ink. After the test board, Mike and I felt we need a darker tone to blend everything together better. Hence more ink added to this batch.

Dark ink mix

Before I applied this smelly mix to the table I also did a bit of repainting and edging. I stopped a Mike’s house a little earlier and really liked his green effect. It was a more watered down mix applied in groups to looks like shallow ocean patches. I didn’t end up redoing my whole board, just the green and light blue waves overtop. We also picked up some plastic edging to help protect the boards when getting moved around and such. Pretty cheap too, it was only $12 or so do edge both display boards and our full size ones. I made sure to put painters tape over the edging while I repainted and also left it on for when I poured the envirotex.

New paint and edging added

I then poured the envirotex. I managed to put the board in the den and made sure everyone left the room alone while it dried. Again I tried the dab effect on the larger board. Going forward I would not do this step at all. It creates more bubbles in the envirotex I found and you have to spend more time trying to get them out. A hair dryer worked pretty well for that however and I also heard that mike used a blowtorch on his for some of the smaller bubbles. I managed to be out of town for the weekend so the table sat for about 3 days untouched, more than enough to let it cure properly. Here is the finished result.

All done

Now to make some terrain for it. As for other gaming I can easily put one of my grass / space mats over the surface or even battle board sections. No problems for other games!

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