Attack Wing!

That’s right ladies an gents, I got into attack wing. I would like to blame Matt and Lange for this abuse to my gaming spirit since I don’t really need more games to play. Yet, I really enjoy the game! The gameplay is very similar to the X wing miniatures game that has been out for a while since wiz kids bought the rights to the style of game. They have of course made a few changes (such as ships being able to reverse) to make the game stand out more.

starter box set

There are 4 starter fleets you can collect upon the release of the game. Federation, Klingons, Romulans, and Dominion. I went for the look of the Romulan’s and for the ability to cloak which I think is cool. My only complaint is that the models for the game have really bad paint jobs. It’s great to open up the box and get going but I need to fix the issue. I have been repainting my fleet so that all the colors are uniform for the force. I found that you can paint right over the existing paint job without getting rid of much of the detail.

the three types of Romulan ships so far

The two main reasons I think this game will have more potential staying power over X-wing is that the Star Trek universe has more races to draw upon for more ships to add. The second is that wiz kids has a phenomenal organized play structure in place allowing shop owners to easily run events and get players in their stores. In Sept I was able to make it to 3 of these events alone and already have dates set aside for the Oct events. These are part of a 6 month event that wraps up in Feb where the overall winner can get a Deep space 9 station to use! I just hope the wife doesn’t get sick of Star Trek in 6 months….

2 responses to “Attack Wing!

  1. Ack…ok this looks pretty awesome. The models definitely left me cold, but they seem pretty good once painted. I’m a little surprised they didnt include Borg in the first releases – those would have been super popular (and my choice!).

    So you buy the main starter box and then additional ships based on the fleet you want to play?

    • Models for this are not as good as the X-wing ones for sure. Painting really helps! The Borg will be out this spring and the next Organized play event will be centred around them. You can see what ships will be coming out for them on the wiz kids site already. I grabbed 2 starters for extra dice and ships then picked blisters of the race(s) I wanted to collect.

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