Back at it!

Well I kinda fell of the bandwagon there at the end of the year. Too many extra activities all at once and no time to blog. That will be corrected this year however as my resolution is about more games and blogging. The year will start off by talking about Attack Wing, the game I’m currently most invested in by attending scheduled monthly games for their organized play event. I ended up
taking 2 romulan warbirds with interphase generators and a few other upgrades and the plan was for me to kill 1 ship and then just outlast my opponent.

20140117-103205.jpg Getting ready for play

The first event of the year was hosted by The Adventurers Guild and was host to a dozen players that night. They have been starting to draw a crowd and there were quite a few new faces in the mix of players. My first pairing was against Albert. We have played at quite a few events together and he seems like a very relaxed guy like myself. I knew that it would be an enjoyable game regardless of the outcome. Albert brought a new dominion fleet to the game including a suicide attack on his 5th wing. I went in banking that my interphase generators could keep me alive and that his ship would be gone. As luck has it, his roll was really rough for him only scoring 2 hits. I neatly got out of the way and was able to hang onto that slim victory. It should be noted however that the suicide attack was his only bad roll of the evening against me and in other times when he was scoring 5 hits at once I did have to use my interphase. I was quite lucky with that one roll when it was needed.

Jason’s Klingons

My second draw was against my friend Tom who just started playing. He plays romulans as well so it was going to be a game of lots of defence dice and not much dying. We starting moving up the board where he proceeded to drop some cloaked mines. I veered away making him chase me and seeing how his flying was. Eventually I had to turn to engage in order to hopefully kill something and squeak out a win. I focused on his small scout vessel and then tried to play keep away with the rest of my ships until time was called.

Deep in thought about next round

Game three was against Admiral Matt whom I have faced on the final table a few times. This game wasn’t even a contest, for him….. With his 2 ship federation list combined with the new admirals orders, I didn’t stand a chance. I had to roll super hot on my defend dice 100% of the time to survive, which I did not do. He was scoring 7 hits each turn with both ships and shredding my ships to pieces. What about your interphase you ask? Well Miles O’Brian has this knack of getting rid of tech upgrades so I was a sitting duck. Gotta see how I can deal with his list later this month at the next OP event at Thunderground.

Just couldn’t best Matt’s federation

3 responses to “Back at it!

  1. Hey Ward! 3 questions:

    – where is “The Adventurer’s Guild”?
    – do you like this better than X-Wing?
    – what brand of space mat is that in the shots, looks pretty nice?

    – Jarrett

    • The adventurers guild is in West Edmonton. Stony plain and 151st thereabouts.

      Attack wing has way better prize support and organized play compared to X-wing. I have heard about new organized play for X-wing however which sounds exciting.

      The mats I currently have are from gale force 9. Quite a few local shops in the city are able to get them in for about $40. The come 3×3 for both X-wing and attack wing play.

  2. Cool thanks Ward. I stopped after work to pick up some Attack Wing – wanted to check out the ship quality. I got a Klingon IKS Gr’oth and a Klingon IKS Koraga. The ship quality seems much nicer than I expected from reading online.I think with some paint they could look pretty good, and I can always sleeve the cards (the card stock does seem a bit light). Unfortunately they didn’t have starters in stock…

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