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I attended the Attack wing event this week at Thunderground comics in St Albert. There was only 4 players in attendance this week prob due to frantic painting by a lot of the gamers in the community to get ready for this weekend Out of The Basement tournament. We almost had all factions present with a dominion fleet as the ringer so it was unable to see any action. My first game was against my good friend Dan and his federation. This was a super close match! In the end I thanked my lucky stars that I had actually attacked Star fleet HQ in this months scenario. (You get 5 points every time you damage the HQ and 10 points if you just leave it alone) after the phasers and disrupters stopped firing, I managed to squeak out a 1 point victory.


the aftermath

The second game was against a similar Federation fleet with a new player at the helm. I decided to be more evasive this game and run around on the opposite side of the planet while again firing on the HQ. There was not a lot of shooting between ships until the last 2 turns where I managed to take down the USS Defiant in hail of shots from most of my fleet.


playing cat and mouse

Game 3 was against Albert and his Klingons. I have played Albert a few times and they have been pretty narrow victories for me. Today Albert was due. His 4 ship fleet wailed on the planet for the first turn and then came right at me. He concentrated his fire at on ship at a time and made all my dice abandon me in critical moments. I didn’t stand a chance. I did do a little damage to be fair to myself but with the extra points from the planet factored in it was a sound defeat.

Overall victory went to Dan for the evening and he netted himself a second Nebula ship to add to his Federation. I believe that wraps up all local month 4 events and in February we see the start of month 5 with the Happy Harbour event.

My thoughts on the month 4 event are that it felt like it was phoned in. A single planet in the middle of the board was easy to navigate around and coupled with the fact it was typically better not to fire on Star fleet HQ, it was like having nothing on the board at all. This gave a leg up to the Federation and Klingon fleets and they are more attack focused. Next month looks more interesting where the attack fleets will be distracted by weapon platforms. Let’s see if that helps add to my Romulan firepower.

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    • Hey Jarrett, I take the pics that far out to show the attics of the game. I will try to do some close ups at the next event as was as do a blog on my Romulans close up.

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