Super Dungeon Explore!



A bunch of gaming groups have been posting this little gem on their sites recently and I wondered what was the interest of this board game? My first thoughts were that it looked cool but I was a tad unsure of taking the plunge. But with more and more talk and pics about the game I became more interested and finally talked to my local store about grabbing a set.

A week later I had my hands on the game and this is just an introductory of what my first impressions were when I opened the set up.

All models from the game are multi piece plastic models. Not difficult at all to put together. All models come in their own plastic bags to ensure that you know what parts belong to what models. You have a grey plastic for your hero figs and red plastics for all the monsters. This is so people who do not want to paint these figs don’t have to.  However, the game is made by cool mini or not which is a site for miniature painting, just sayin… The sculpts for the models look really well done and have enough texture to them to be able to paint with highlights and shading to get the most out of the models. I really like the treasure chests in the set with the wood texture already on the model.

Cards for the game seem to be on decent quality card stock and come with some cool drawing of the heroes. Treasure and loot cards have a lot of the same images but since you don’t have them all face up at one time I’m sure it won’t bother most people. The quality of the board itself seems ok. I had 1 section really curl up once I took it out of the cellophane wrapping. I was able to flatten it again by resting weight on it for a few hours.

The one thing that did bother me about the set as a whole however was the soft plastic they used for the figs. With the mould lines on the models it was a little time consuming to clean the figs to where I was happy with them. If I tried to scrape the line away, it gave a rough texture to the models so I slowly had to cut the lines away instead.

I also got both major expansions for the game which are the Cavern of Roxor and the Von Drakk manor sets. The biggest difference from these and the main set is that all the models are 1 piece as opposed to multi part. The plastic used is still the same so it might take me a bit to play the game with all the expansions.

The good news however is that I think I have managed to snag a friend or two into the game as well. After a game or two I will put up another post with my thoughts on the game play itself.

Expansion 1

Expansion 1

Expansion 2

Expansion 2

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