Weighing in on scales

A painting post from Tom at Out of the Basement!

It Came from out of the Basement

My name is Tom and I have hobby A.D.D.

Following up on the last article on the myriad of new games, I would like to talk today about some of the things to keep in mind when you are painting models in a new scale.  Let’s look at an example shall we?

Tom is a miniature painter, and has been painting his Warhammer models for 15 years.  He feels pretty comfortable with his skills as a painter and feels like he knows all of the tips and tricks to have a great looking army.  His friend, let’s call him Mike, encourages him to buy some Dystopian Wars model.  “Wow,” thinks Tom, “these models are really great!”  So he runs out, buys some and takes them home to get covered and paint so that he can play some cool games with a fully painted fleet.  Tom gets frustrated that many of…

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